Friday, January 6, 2017

A memoir towards 2017!

{*sound of keyboard typing* At 5 am.}

Composing more articles to write and studying on how to pass an editor's test. I think I am more comfortable working on odd hours since my recurring fever subsided and my back stop hurting. Oh,in the meantime, working on a application where I can collaborate and publish my work or ideas to a few websites. I need a proper platform to start on my own personal brand and portfolio of my articles, fiction, poem and Lifehack pro tips and tutorials.
I had plans to start collaborating with my friends on their Youtube channel this year or just help them in setting up anything. I will have to work around to find time and opportunity to brainstorm ideas with them. It could be a vlog, promoting your hobbies or products or broadcasting your hobbies, causes and ideas.
But hey,
let's arrange things bit by bit?
I wrote a book last year but the whole process didn't went well. I lost all of my draft backup copies and due to my health issues. I decided to stop writing because I ran out of ideas and materials to rewrite a draft.. I will start things afresh and find a proper method to recompile my pieces of draft, ideas and research that I collected for my book.
Frankly, 2016 was a very terrible year for me.The last three month I barely survived without crying or feeling trapped into a deep level of depression and gone into a mental breakdown. 2017 seems like many business opportunity coming in and helps me grow to forget about the pain and struggles am I into right now. I have not been responding to many inbox messages, pm's, whatsapp or even wishing you guys a Happy New Year 2017.

I'm watching all of you that have potentials, either cosplayers, creative outlets, business-minded people and those who wish to expand their outlet or just expressing talents.


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