Saturday, May 28, 2016

As we kissed all night long
He wondered in mind;
"Will this last forever?"
We let in a few more slow kisses,
the tenderness of smooching lips
until he resonates his fear
I touched his chest and said,
"Love, through Heaven and Hell,
within a thousand Lifetime that
we may or may not have,
I will still choose you to latch upon,
My whole universe, I came
To shine within you Presence
My soul breathes on you.
We belong in realm of madness.
And my madness is US.
Forever. My Paradiss. You! "


Friday, May 27, 2016

Life is not about yourself and others. It is about how you understand meaning behind the smallest,little and detail things around us.We,human tend to see the biggest and clearest view of all the things that we did (from actions, words and knowlegde) and must have a clear or definite goal. We see problems, hardships and mistakes as a punishment or a way to remind us of what is good and bad. I see Life as a journey to find what is being Human is all about and being rigidly strong as who you are inside, despite nobody understands you. Life is a dedication to make changes in your own ways, pace and capacity. You can shine in whatever you choose to be. See, people. You don't need people to approve and support your thoughts because we need to be self sufficient and kind to ourselves. We need pain to grow. We need to know how to endure the most absurb circumstances and tragic loss for personal enhancement. I think most people complain their life too much. Talks about money, status and having the most perfect partner/job/education/followers all the goddamn time. Go compare your life with war refugees, chronic cancer patients,rape/abuse victims and people with mental or physical disabilities.
You will appreciate Life as a gift to you

Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Your fingers,dear.." I remarked.
"What about them, sweetheart?" He asked.
I instinctively reached for his hands
and interlaced our fingers together.
"They're belong to mine! " I said after I kissed his lips tenderly.

We blushed and hold on even tighter.


I'm a girl.
I appeared out of nowhere.
Fallen in love again,
with you.
Saw you through years.
That night I sat next to you
Wondering, "Are you The One?"
My mind went whispering
"Surprise! He is. Take your time"
He looks at me  A smile.
I bloomed.
I knew, he'll be my Paradise.
I love you.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The human soul,
is funny and delusional.
One who expects too much,
She/He will be dissappointed
if their expectations lack from the outcome.
I had spent my whole Lifetime,
obeying a perfectionist tradition;
And every single mistakes,
wrong moves,wrong people,
misplacing stuff never missed being counted and recalled.
I regret my silence and changed
into someone who is very passive-aggresive.
Unpredictable and radical.
I grew up enduring emotional
and physical pain for many,many years. 
I was in a very deep stage of
depression since I came to know
the meaning of failure and
how it is like to move on from a death
of a loved ones.
I do still get episodes of suicidal tendency and being in a short term major depression.
I hid it so well that nobody knows
I'm hurting very much, everyday.
Honestly, it is in my blood to follow rules
and order to be succesfull like "the rest".
Spent my whole lifetime proving
to be the smartest and approval of others,
to satisfy these kind of people.
For status, recognization, wealth and
glory of a name within a bloodline.
They fed me poison of worldly happiness.
For years had gone by,
after my father's passing
I stood still in times of needing
a loving arm to hold me and encourage
me to move forward.
Surviving day by day
in hope of meeting of a paradise
that will comfort my anxiety
and kiss away the tears of suffering.
As I tried moving on these dark phase,
I collected pieces of strength in
each soul that I met along the way
Tried to see what makes them
strong and rigid inside as a human.
It was an honour to be with
these kind of people.
It is not my duty to judge anyone
that I befriended and been close to.
The "bad" ones teaches me to have a mindset that will burn anyone with their actions and ignore emotions of others.The "Good" ones teaches me to be patient and always remember good deeds of people whenever the "bad"  hurt/betray me.

I lose my vibe and cheerful personality,under circumstances where I had no support and anyone to talk to.
I lose my health and mental well-being,
whenever I was pushed down beyond my limits.

Yes. Welcome to my inspiration.

It is made from fear, tears and pain.
I write mostly to others who felt alone
and become their melody, to sing the song of Life with full vibrant expressions and moving words.

You see people, you never know what it's like being trapped in mild depression although the stage is no longer suicidal/harmful but you wished to suicide with 100 percent of success rate of Death as an outcome and finally can lie down in a coffin. Resting eternally after all the bullshit you had in your lifetime. I am struggling to live each day and each second, fighting my ways to smile and be happy, to provide others with warmness. That is why I wrote things mostly about depression and human soul. I really want to educate people on the strength of human soul to influence and empower others by having good vibes and spread positive things. I want to grow humanity larger.

Parang, the first Borneo Card Game

"Parang,the game"

The fusion of Borneo culture into a card game.A game company, Beast of Borneo based in Kuching created this masterpiece game. Thus, "Parang" the card game has succesfully gotten the crowd into a new dimension of playing and social interacting with people in this smartphone era while still preserving a sense of identity of the Iban culture.The pioneer of its kind. Borneo headhunting card game. A very cool concept. The players has their own unique ways to win the game and collect "Antu Pala" (head trophies) to become the winner.

As a matter of fact, the whole idea and design of the game itself stands out and made its objectives as a "get-along-game".
and naturally enjoyable for individuals from all walks of Life.

Regardless old you are, race and identity is not a problem. The game is very simple to understand and most people learn to become the winner as they played it along.

Stay tuned for more info of "Parang", the card game and details.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016



This is a major appreciation post!
After the first few months of 2016,
I finally managed to escape
mental torture by secluding
myself alone. Away from toxic
negative vibes and suffocatng relationship. I'm proud to say that
I'm still sane and feeling alive.
Although I gotten myself into many chronic illness and hospitalized a few times, I managed to pull myself up.
Again and again, even it's damn tiring.
Back to the real deal.
These are the list of awesome people
whom I dedicated this post for:
My two super best friend Choomie and Aiman.(They both saved me from self-destruction by helping me doing a sweet surprise to my mom, which I initiated and keen doing of since my dad's passing)
Mr AA (or as he wanted
as a sense of mysterious suave charming
gentlemen, so let's be sweet and call him Mr. Arsyan. *cough* a soldier in his own ways and a loveable person )
My fellow team members
of Puakateam, cosplayers
and old buddies since uitm & primary school.
Each individual gave me a push forward
to keep doing my best in Life .

After all,what is life without wanting to have a gripful of support from others that we want to trust very much?

I can't be thankful enough and blessed more than I already am. Each of them showed me that life is so much easier if we know
how to share, teach and willing to
listen in a positive ways.
In these tough and challenging times.
They made me feel like home.
I love them with every parts of
broken heart and soul of mine.
Without these awesome people
that I had mentioned, I do not have much
strength to go on and outgrow physical
loneliness day by day until now.

As I entered mid of 2016.
I regain my courage to hold on
to my passions and old self that
believes in the arts of language
and expression.

Currently working on a few personal projects;
my books, vlogs, original quotes
and content writer in various topic. (yeay!)

I believe that the best intentions
are meant to be tested if we decided to act upon doing it, sincerely.

God does gives back what He has taken away from us, by replacing it with something new and fresh. Things beyond our expectations.

Thank you so much people for everything
we shared. Those silly text at any time of day,intimate conversations and personal
wishes.Turning my tears into a burst of
laughter in a matter of few seconds, minutes or hours.

I am nothing, without the support
and encouragement that I received so far.

Just a humble piece post of thank you,
and how I wanted to be remembered for.

Untill then. Stay blessed peeps.

Stay awesome. :)