Monday, December 21, 2015

December 2015

Oh.Back here again.
The past three months has been
really heartbreaking and awakening.
The idea of leaving and taking a step
to uphold the idea of responsibility.
Earning what is lost due to other's mistakes.
Well, this is the hardest part,
REALIZING that you can fix everything,
but everything is challenging you with
time and patience.
I escaped DEATH again as I RECALLED
the knive was very near to slaughter or
cut deep into my throat?.
Eh, disturbing right?

That was one of my darkest moment.
I manage to get over it without a scratch
or getting hurt by the robbers.

Enough of uber depressing stuff
I think my life is going to be much more meaning because I am not alone.
These few lovable people keep me
strong and calm during these hard times.


Imma drop and refresh this blog with a whole new concept next year.