Friday, August 8, 2014


Such things we call as being physically left behind
maybe by people, or events.
I think life has a cruel but sweet intention for us.
It surprises us by making the beginning as hardest part to
go through.
You'll feel as if life is being a bitch, but actually,
It's a lesson and teacher at the same time.
God also give us HINT.
That He never LEAVES us feeling lonely.
It had come upon my attention that
GOD is really NICE, because
He Listens, and Feels our sorrow,pain,
Joy and Pleasure.
I tell you.
I was crying alone, but suddenly
my best friend sent me a chat message.
I wasn't expecting, but this is a sign that Allah
knows we want someone dear to us or 
those people who we missed so much to contact us.
I never lose faith in Allah.
He has a big plan for me.
That's why all of us are tested in an unexpected ways
and time.
I would rather shorten my lifespan and be useful to other human beings
than living in sins.
I am scared of hellfire. Of course.
I'm a sinner, but I am trying my best to have a Husnul Khatimah or
we called it "Happy Ending" in Dunyya..
I want my Afterlife is as good as my dad
and those who passed away before me.
I want Allah to grant me a "Jodoh" who would know how much
pain I kept inside trying to be the best person who I can be,
I need him to be near me.
Yes, I envy those who are married, as legal couple and no more
living in sins.
I want in 6 or 8 years from now, to get married with a guy 
that I found to be interesting and will complete the other half of me.
I hope he's already near.