Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swear it all over again.

Sounds like a title of a song?
Yes,it is.
Doesn't mean that I'm in lovesick mood or melancholic.
As a matter of fact,I'm feeling mixed up.
Dafuq just happened today.
Some people do never give a chance to let us explain ourselves.
I rather stay quiet and say things voluntarily.
Not being pressured at all.
The greatest torture of all is being rather misunderstood.  
All my life,I have been misunderstood.
No matter how pure my intentions are,
No matter how far would I go just to make up things
for people that I care the most,
It was never enough.It was never beyond my expectations.
Wondering if life is tormenting me any further after this.
Let's see,I do sing to myself and feel so very lonely sometimes.
I don't tolerate with loneliness much,like other people.
Laughter and smile of the people around me,keeps me myself smile.
My leverage.
And just because I smile,I laugh,doesn't mean that I'm really happy inside.
People judge instantly.Assholes.
Pulling yourself up and act normal is hard,
Not after life is crumbling down.Not after no one even cares if you're sad.
In times,you are really alone and you DO NOT want to bother your only friends.
Sigh.I love them so much,that I tried to smile and laugh even I'm not in the mood.
Life isn't about me.It's about making up to other people,making yourself useful,peeps.