Friday, September 30, 2011

Gemini.The Misconception.

What do you can generalize upon reading the above statement?
They're the twins in Zodiac Astrology.Happy and moody.
Naive but Cunning,Good and bad.All at the same time.
Everything seems to be in an opposite manner
from one moment to another.The misconception is about what makes them looking
rather "bad" than good,in general.Being misunderstood,misjudge etc etc.
Been seeing all those things inside me,and I'm not being prudish enough to
say that we're the star but also puppeteer in our life.
The ability to change everything from the smallest part of our personality
till affecting other people's life and decision has become a solid line on
how a complex personality that we can be,but never be taken in seriously
for some people,if not all.
So,back to what this post is really about.Misconceptions.
Here's a few:

  • Very indecisive, unsure & sometimes has no exact aims and direct goals in live
  • Flirtatious, no self will to commit in a relationship
  • Live for the moment attitude
  • "Cool" and too superficial
  • Good liar
  • Jack of all trades but Master of none.

To clear out misconceptions that I had stated above,
these are what are people had been thinking and stereotyping about us.
Hearing these trait over and over again,it seems unruly to get it out of our mind.
Some has made these traits as their habit and accept it.
And some has refuse and resist these trait and want to change it themselves.
It has been sticking in as a "norm" and dogma to the society everytime they “perceive"
people born under the star of "Gemini"
No offence but it is time to change what society has implemented to us.
Be it parents,friends,close acquaintance who tend to expect the same negative traits
over and over again.Ta-dah!

-> Very indecisive and unsure?
Taking every single aspect of pros and cons of what we want to
do in life is our biggest strength. We want the best and only the best choice being made
without being influence or pressured by people "opinions" or judgments. Doesn't really matter to us if we are taking too long to think and decide rather than decide now and bitching about it later,We're born as profound deep thinkers. We compile what others has to say and their experience wise on a particular matter
as guidance.We do have a sense of structure and objective after taking everything into account. Mind you, we don’t need others to think for us, we get stressed and tired, may have given up deciding for now, but we will keep thinking of what’s the best thing to do in life at the moment and what to expect in the future,before making them into actions and words.

->Flirtatious and no self will to commit in a relationship
In our teenage years,no one can deny that we just love to flirt,flirt and flirt.All the time.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends and crushes come and go.Cheating and affairs.We did that and we truly regret about it later.Sometimes,we didn't mean to flirt,just a little bit of sweet and exquisite words complimented to the other opposite gender makes us the "player" and got fucked up with the sitch. We don't ask for it. Flirting is fun but we do get tired after searching for the best partner to spend our live with later on. We will commit to someone that is really worth our attention and plan our future together with him/her accordingly when the time comes.We'll sacrifice everything we have to see his/her smile no matter how hard it is.For us, Commitment is a serious business and we don't deal with it unless we have the right partner ,at the right time and place,with all the right reasons to be with him/her.

->Live for the moment attitude.
No matter how impossible it may sound like to you,we don't like to have fun and makes jokes all the time. We may be impulsive and reckless,but we always do think of living for the future,what may have become and "what if's" situation. Not all of us like doing things just to waste some time and not all of us are party animals and directionless in life. There are times we decided to do certain changes and invest for the future.

->Cool and too superficial.
Yes.Sometimes we are being "cool" and too superficial to others.I do not deny it for myself. We find it rather fun being "cool" than showing real emotions to others around it and superficiality as our shield.More or less like a "Firewall" to prevent us being "read" by others who will tend to misjudge and exploit us.Being "Readable" to others is what scares us the most.We want people to gain our trust and slowly take us in without having any delusional perception when we have decided to share emotions and innermost thoughts with them.

->Good liar.
This trait can be completely false.Once you know a gemini deeply and recognize their mood swings,pattern of speech and body language, especially the eyes and smile. They tend to be the most "readable" in front of their close friends and loved ones,and they can't be lying good and smoothly enough.

->Jack of all trades but Master of none.
Not all of us are really into this trait.We choose to explore topics,subjects and things very deeply and be an expert,even if takes time.Only after one subject is mastered,we move on to the next.We don't really love having things unfinished half way,but we tend to procrastinate badly,that is why this trait exist and became a popular misconception.

p/s:Please Feel free to share any opinions with me,=)

Stay updated.
Happy weekends!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

#1 You.You.

This post is regarding my first mini-story with the theme of unrequited love.
Since I'm also a fan of sappy yet tragic story,so I wrote this one last year,during the holidays.
I went a bit different somehow,written in a guy point of view towards a girls.
Turns out it made some of my friends  after reading it went saying,
"Oh,Moon..this is a sad touching story!"
The way I see it? Here's a few.

  • Sad but cute.Guys are very hideous in retaining their true intention,making them the most "unreadable" person yet complex person on Earth.
  • Not all guys do want their girl to suffer together with them,they rather let go of them while still watching or wondering/thinking over them in a distant away.
  • Guys want girls to know that they're loving you,no matter how too late or how fucked up things had happened in between them.
Sounds like I'm being bias to guys rather than to girls eh?No,that's just how I review this story.
Personal opinions of mine?Gotta enjoy or hate this one first:

#1 You.You.

{just a short story,written in  a guy point of view}

The first time I saw you.You didn't even look or smile to me.Maybe you don't like me.It's okay.I could see your pretty face smiling with others around you,it's more than enough.The least I could say about you.I wonder if we will ever talk..but,I don't know about that.

I saw you again.This time,you caught me looking at you.Can you smile back to me?I love to see you smile.I don't know why.I feel cheerful to see you in such a way.It's okay.You do know I was looking at you.You can feel that,huh?Sometimes,I'm scared of seeing you in a serious and stern way.Silly girl.The thoughts of you made me smile.

We meet again.That night,I saw you and you were alone by yourself.You smiled at me.It's wonder for me why did you smile to me?I love it when you smile.I know I do.You said "Hi there!" and still keep smiling.The cheerful you.We talked all night.We shared our opinions and stuff that you're up to.It's a night full of smile and laughter.I know,I want to be a part of you.But it's least,I have you now as a friend.I want you to know,I like you.

You texted me.We studied together at lunch time.Under the library table with lots of sweets and junk foods.How crazy we are?I don't know.Spending time with you is more than enough.I wanted to know,whether if you feel the same way about me?We're now friends,and I don't wanna lose you.If you know about my feelings to you,what will you do?I don't even know if I am the type of guy for you.But, long as you're happy,my happiness is all along mine to be.I'm happy for this chance of being a part of your life.You're so cute when you laugh,you know that?

We have become closer.More closer than we ever expected.I know,you still thinking of that someone.I hate to see you sighing and panting about him.But I'm here.Here for you.Why can't you see that?I wonder if I would have the chance to be that special someone?Even for awhile.Life is short.No words could describe how the world is to me when you're around me.The crazy jokes.The stupid arguments.The way you do teased me and just smile.You do puzzled me when you decided to stay quiet and don't say a word.That night,you broke down and cried.I don't know why.My heart was in agony.I want to wash away the pain you've been through.So,I kissed your cheek and wipe away your tears.I didn't say a word that night.I know,that's all I can do for you.I want to see you smile again.The only gift you could bring an exuberant side of life to me.

We're dating now.I wanted you to know,how deep is your feelings to me?I have really fallen in love with you.You must know that.Believe me.You seems not happy around me sometimes.I know,I'm not that type for you,but I can only give my presence and do anything to catch a glimpse of your smile.My girl.How I love it when you do enlighten and torture me at the same time.I found out that you are crushing on some other guy right now.I'm jealous and a bit devastated,but what can I do?

You.You.                                                                                                                                       I don't feel very well today.I'm very sick.I can't go lunch with you again.I know how fussy are you,and how we're drifting away from each other now.I've been lying nowadays.I can give you so much reasons to you but can't help regretting about it later.We keep arguing.I don't want you to get worried.Besides,I don't know what to expect.I don't know how much any longer I can take this,the pain of staying alive.I have a stomach cancer.I've been diagnosed having that 3 months ago before I met you.I don't know that much time left there for me.I wanted you to know,I've fallen in love with your smile and everything about you.My world changed since I met you,I look forward to see tomorrow and I even told my friends about you & our jokes.I missed you everyday.I stalked you,and I know how much you admired that special someone that you have a crush on.It's okay,my life is short.I don't even expect us to get married and have kids in the end.I can already picture you mumbling about doing the house chores while I'm lazying around and our kids running here and there,with the toys in our own apartment.I realize that I want to live and grow old together with you too.I must to tell you,in this life..I already have someone like you.That's all that matters.I don't mind ripping my own heart apart and make you hate me,hurt me but I have to let you go.You cried.I know you do have feelings for me,but you deserve someone better.Life is short.I want you to treasure it to the fullest,like I did.

Maybe my last note about you.I can't carry own like this.It's been almost a year now.I missed you.I have missed you all along until today.I long to see you,even you are not near me,I sensed you everywhere,every second,every minute,everytime.My eyes only searches for the one and only you.Call it love,madness or just my inexplicable heartbeats.I kept the origami we made together in a transparent jar bottle.You taught me how to fold a small paper into a piece of art.Thank you. If you ever found out about my passing,please don't even shed a tears for me.I hate seeing you cry,my dear.It's already written in Destiny and this is what the thing we called as Fate.And also,If you ever wondered why I didn't tell you everything at the first place,it's because I accepted Death as a part of life.I enjoyed every single part of day and night,it is with your presence around me.I was devastated to know that you're crushing on one of my bestfriends.I have to back off since I know,I won't have the chance to have a happy ending like normal people.I know,I let you go for a reason,but I still remain as a part of you.I care about you.If you ever missed me,look at the sky every night and smile.You'll see the stars.Go count them out for me.It resembles how much you mean to me.The stars are pretty and beautiful.Pretty and beautiful,just like you.The stars won't be visible there if you're sad and gloomy.They will always be there for you,shinning away and make you happy,no matter what.You're worthwhile to know in my entire lifetime.I love you.

Smile for me,darling...
coz a smile can lead to happy dreams...=)

 The End.The reply to this in the girls perceptive is coming soon.
Love it?Hate it?Feel free to share them with me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A new beginning..

So,I'm here again blogging.
This is sem gonna be tough.
What if I said that I'm in love,again?
but not wanting to admit it.
I'm afraid to fall in love again.
Yes,I started to like him,
to appreciate him more.
Repeat paper,MAT112.
Parents invading my privacy.
My ex,joining the debate again.
I feel nothing at all.Numb as hell.
Things change.He is already my past.
I don't know what to expect.
What to see,what to feel.
I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing.
Fallcy much eh?
Define me.Much more haywired than I am.
Till again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dajjal,The Arrival

I'm so bored right now.So,I'm posting about this for our general knowledge.Let's see..

Illuminati telah ditubuhkan pada 1774 di perancis oleh adam weishaupt yg merupakan seorg profesor di universiti Ingoldstald. . perkataan illuminati dinisbahkan kpd salah satu drpd kumpulan (Mazhab) Yahudi iaitu kumpulan illuminati yang dianggotai oleh oleh golongan bijaksana (Hukama’) Yahudi... manakala di dalam bahs Arab pula illuminati bermaksud al-Nuraniyin. ... nama illuminati ini diambil sempena nama Iblis yang pd hemat mereka sebagai pemerintah tunggal alam ini...

pusat pentadbirannya ialah di segitiga bermuda yg menjadi tmpt tinggal Dajjal laknatullah. ..Lambang pertubuhan ini ialah apa yg terdapat pada duit 1 dolar US... lmbang yg ade pada duit US tersebut menunjukkan bahawa US telah dikuasai oleh bangsa Yahudi... sebenarnya, pereka cipta duit US dilakukan oleh seorang anggota freemasonry dari pergerakan illuminati yg bernama pat robertson.

Pertubuhan ini tlh mendpt sokongan drpd rotschild yg merupakan gedung kewangan yg dikuasai oleh yahudi... perkataan illuminati pula diambil daripada perkataan “Lucifer” (iblis) yang beerti “Pemegang Cahaya”... beliau membuat helah bhw dunia ini ptot diperintah oleh orang yg benar2 berwibawa sahaja, maka beliau tlh berjaya memujuk lebih kurang dua ribu org untuk menjadi pelaksana kepada agenda yg dirancang olehnya dgn disokong anggota feemasonry peringkat tinggi.... pengikut2 ini mmg berkemahiran dlm semua aspek kehidupan tlh membina markas2 sulit di seluruh dunia yg diberi nama sbgai “Lodges of The Grand Orient” untk melaksanakan apa yg tlh dirancang oleh pihak tertinggi (Freemasonry/ Zionisme)... .

berikut merupakn matlamat illuminati scr umumnya yg perlu mereka capai mengikut agenda yg telah dirancang:
1. Menghapuskan semua kerajaan2 kebangsaan yg berpelembagaan. ..
2. menghapuskan sistem warisan harta pusaka...
3. menghapuskan pemilikan harta benda sebagai hak persendirian. ..
4. Menghapuskan semangat nasionalisme. ..
5. menghapuskan rumahtangga sebagai hak org perseorangan dan kehidupan berkeluarga krn ia merupakan permulaan kpd ketamadunan manusia...
6. apa yg plg penting ialah menghapuskan semua agama yg sedia ada di dunia terutama agama Islam supaya umat manusia dpt dipaksa menganut ideologi internasionalisme. .....

The Great Seal

“The Great Seal” menjadi salah satu lambang negara Amerika pada 20 Jun 1782...
The Great Seal penuh dengan makna-makna tersembunyi. .. Fakta-fakta disebalik misteri simbol Mason, The Great Seal, antaranya ialah....
Pada bahagian atas sekali, ada 13 bintang dan membentuk star of david atau seal of solomon... Heksagram ini adalah azimat yang digunakan oleh
kaum pagan untuk membangkitkan/ menyeru syaitan..

- Pada ranting pohon zaitun, daun berjumlah 13....

- Pada cakar kanan, anak panah berjumlah 13...

- Pada perkataan, “E Pluribus Unum”, huruf-hurufnya berjumlah 13...

- Pada sisi atas helang, terdapat bintang yang berjumlah 13...

Pada sayap kanan, bulu berjumlah 32 yang melambangkan tingkat 32 dalam
darjat Freemason Scottish Rite, belah kiri pulak ade 33 melambangkan
tingkat dalam darjah Freemasonry. ..

- Pada perkataan Annuit Coeptis, huruf-hurufnya berjumlah 13..

- Bulu ekor burung helang ni ade 9, melambangkan tingkat darjat Freemason kt New York..

Helang itu sendiri merupakan ikon Freemason yang telah digunakan secara luas oleh Scottish Rite.......

Untuk menjayakan projeknya iaitu New World Order, Dajal memerlukan satu medium untuk melekakan manusia.. Medium itu adalah hiburan... Sepertimana yang kita semua lihat pada hari ini industri hiburan berkembang pesat dan telah banyak mempengaruhi muda-mudi di seluruh dunia termasuklah di Malaysia ini

New World Order- Lupakan akhirat, lebihkan dunia...

Ok, tadi just mukadimah.. Apa yang saya nak bagitau kali ini adalah
berkenaan artis² Illuminati.. . Kebanyakan artis² Hollywood adalah artis Illuminati.. . Cuma kita je yang tak perasan.. Ini adalah salah satu rancangan dajal untuk 'brainwash' kita... Mesej² dalam lagu tu ada maksud tersembunyi. .. saya akan terangkan balik pasal tu nanti.... ok, ni gambar2 artis Illuminati :


Kanye West

Jay Z

Ini hanya sebahagian contoh² artis Illuminati.. Bukan hanya di Hollywood tetapi di seluruh dunia... bukan semua artis adalah artis Illuminati.. Ade artis yang menentang Illuminati, contoh terbaik Bob Marley.. Beliau adalah artis yang menentang Illuminati melalui lirik lagunya.. Tetapi beliau akhirmya mati dibunuh oleh agen2 dajal... Selain itui, mereka akan dijatuhkan reputasi dan akhirnya dibunuh seperti Micheal Jackson. Ini kerana mereka membawa mesej Peace Love Harmony melalui lagu-lagu mereka yang bertentangan dengan agenda konco-konco dajal yang ingin sebaliknya.

Al-fatihah to our hero, Mikaeel

Bob Marley

Bukan, kita di Malaysia saja yang mengkaji konspirasi ini, ramai rakan-rakan kita dari negara-negara lain juga menyelidik serta meneliti perkara yang berlaku pada sekeliling kerana merasakan ada "sesuatu yang tak kena", termasuk juga Amerika. Sesetengah orang kita cukup bencikan Amerika, kerana mereka percaya bahawa Amerika pencetus kepada keganasan, tapi kami akan beritahu anda bahawa, kami akan tolong mereka, walaupun mereka bukan saudara kita, kerana mereka hanya digunakan sebagai bahan mentah, DAN ada dalang besar di sebalik mereka. Jika dapat disedarkan, sedarkanlah semua manusia ini, jangan bersifat Asabiyah hanya menyedarkan kaum kita saja, kita biar kaum lain hanyut. Tak kira, apa warna kulit, apa agama, mereka perlu di bangunkan. Kita tidak mahu mereka terus dibuai lena. Apabila mereka sedar dan "mula" mencari kebenaran secara tidak langsung mereka akan semakin hampir dengan Islam.
Sejak berlakunya peristiwa 9-11, ia merupakan tarikh pencetus kepada rakyat Amerika untuk mengkaji peristiwa aneh yang berlaku di sekitar mereka. Kebanyakkan mereka juga telah menyedari bahawa mereka ditipu hidup-hidup melalui peristiwa itu. Lihat hari ini semakin ramai rakyat Amerika menganut Islam setelah mengkaji peristiwa penting tersebut serta konspirasi-konspira si yang berlaku dalam kehidupan mereka.

Orang Amerika juga sudah "mula" sedar betapa mereka dipergunakan oleh Dajjal. Disebabkan itu hari ini lahirlah orang-orang yang mempunyai "high curiosity" untuk mengkaji sejarah dan konspirasi antarabangsa seperti David Icke, Mike Hanson dan Alex Jones.. Demi untuk mengkaji pelbagai konspirasi yang berlaku, mereka telah mengeluarkan pelbagai hipotesis berkaitan dengan Dajjal. Macam-macam teori mereka kemukakan berdasarkan kertas siasatan mereka, seperti Obama, George Bush dan Pope John Paul II sebagai Anti Christ, David Rockefeller sebagai Dajjal sebab menguasai 50% harta seluruh dunia, dan pengaruh politik yang kuat.

Terdapat juga penyelidik popular seperti Canadian Prof David Livingston, menganut Islam selepas membuat penyelidikan berkaitan konspirasi dunia. Sebenarnya mengkaji konspirasi dunia ini menyebabkan kita semakin dekat dengan Al-Quran dan Sunnah. Kerana Al-Quran dan Sunnah ialah 2 rujukan yang ditinggalkan oleh Rasulullah, sesiapa berpandukan 2 ini tidak akan sesat! Sebab itu zaman dahulu, Mak dan Ayah atau Atok Nenek kita berpesan supaya kita mengaji Al-Quran, bukan setakat membaca Al-Quran. Begitu penting nya mengaji Al-Quran, kerana segala macam ilmu semua ada di dalamnya. Hanya yang mengaji akan ketahui rahsia di sebaliknya. Dajjal yang hebat dalam konspirasi ini telah lama mengkaji Al-Quran, walaupun mereka kata mereka tidak percaya, tapi tetap mereka mengkajinya. Sebenarnya mereka telah tahu cara hidup yang betul, pelbagai teknologi juga mereka peroleh hasil dari kajian mereka terhadap Al-Quran.

Sebagai contoh penulis seperti I. D. Campbell , telah menghasilkan karya membongkar teori-teori kristian seperti There is No Trinity, Islam is the truth dan sebagainya.

Semakin hari semakin ramai American bangkit dari tidur, pada pemerhatian kami, tidak lama lagi, Dajjal tidak akan menggunakan Amerika sebagai proksi kuasa. Dajjal akan terus menggunakan Israel. Di awal-awal dahulu, Dajjal menggunakan British sebagai proksi (menyorok di belakang British), hari ini Amerika, dan sekiranya Amerika telah bangun, dijangkakan Dajjal akan menggunakan Israel. Lihatlah hari ini, apa saja yang berlaku di dunia, akan menguntungkan Israel, tak kira apa pun, seolah-olah ia pusat pengumpulan kuasa, dan kemungkinan tentera dajjal.

Jika anda telah membuat kajian tentang illuminati dan freemason, kami sarankan untuk anda pergi tengok wayang untuk lihat unsur-unsur illuminati berada di wayang. Anda akan dapat kesan. Sebagai contoh angel vs demon (terang-terangan) , Alien vs Monster dan Drag me to hell. Tujuan kami memberitahu anda perkara ini, ialah untuk menjadi kan anda lebih peka dengan sekeliling, dan mengetahui bahawa unsur-unsur mereka juga ada dalam kehidupan kita tanpa kita sedar.

Bagaimana Yahudi Laknat membentuk negara haram Israel?? Semuanya sudah dirancang oleh The Hidden Hand/ Dajal/ The False Messiah/ Anti-Christ. .. Di bawah adalah kronologi bagaimana negara haram ini ditubuhkan.. .

Dajal memerlukan One World Government untuk mengawal seluruh dunia ini.... Dia telah melakukan suatu perancangan rapi untuk menubuhkan negara Yahudi Israel melalui kaedah2 perundangan antarabangsa dan sekiranya tidak berjaya kaedah paksaan digunakan... melalui pergerakan Illuminati yang majoriti ahli-ahlinya berkelulusn undang2, Dajjal merancang bahawa negara Yahudi perlu ditubuhkan melalui suatu gerakan NGO yang kuat yang dapat mempengaruhi ahli2 politik dunia.... Maka keputusan yang dibuat ialah menubuhkan pertubuhan Zionis... Pertubuhan ini berfungsi sebagai agen penggerak utama dalam menubuhkan negara Israel dan akhirnya bertindak sebagai pemerintah negara tersebut... Oleh itu seseorang perlu dipertanggungjawabk an untuk melaksanakan kerja2 ini.....
Sejarah pertubuhan Zionist Antarabangsa. ...

Pertubuhan Zionist diasaskan oleh seorang bekas peguam yang berbangsa Yahudi iaitu Theodor Herzl..... Herzl dilahirkn di Budapest, Hungary....dia menerima ijazah dalam perundangn tetapi memilih untuk menceburi bidang penulisan...

Menurut suatu sumber, pada 1891 semasa Herzl berumur 31 tahun, dia telahberhijrah ke Paris sebagai tetamu undangan bagi persidangan akhbar Vienna Neue Presse......dia menganggap peningkatan sikap anti-sematik (anti yahudi) timbul kerana fahaman dan sikap orang yahudi sendiri yang tidak mahu berubah.... (Sumber ini mungkin rekaan sahaja untuk menutup cerita bahawa Herzl sebenarnya sedang diarah “seseorang” bukannya suka2 pergi Paris)Semasa di Paris, dia menyaksikn sikap anti-sematik yang menebal di Perancis semasa cuba membela Dreyfus yang cuba menyatakan kesaksian bagi kes penindasan Yahudi... Bila Herzl meninjau kelibat Alfred Dreyfus, dia terdengar suara sumbang dari para hadirin mengatakan “Death to the Jews!, death to the Jews!“. Dreyfus ialah seorg Yahudi sejati serta berpangkat besar dalam ketenteraan negara Perancis....

Namun begitu, orang Perancis sangat maju, berbudaya di dunia...sifat anti-sematik mereka susah utuk dihakis... Herzl berasa kurang senang dan menyimpulkan bahawa penyelesaian terhadap sifat anti-sematik ialah menempatkan semula mereka (minoriti Yahudi) di tanah bumi asal mereka iaitu Palestin...anti- Sematik akan pudar, dia percaya, hanya bila Yahudi mempunyai negara mereka sendiri....daripada tu, Herzl menubuhkan gerakan politik Zionist....selepas berjumpa Dreyfus, Herzl telah menggunakan sepenuh masa hidupnya untuk mencapai matlamatnya iaitu membina sebuah Negara Yahudi merdeka....dia mula membuat risalah (brochure) dan mengedarkan risalah² berikut dikalangan Yahudi Eropah...risalahnya itu mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari masyarakat Yahudi Eropah dari pelbagai negara....

Pada tahun 1897, kongres pertama Dunia Zionist telah diadakan di Bassel,
Switzerland. ..Ia merupakan kali pertama org2 Yahudi seluruh dunia berjumpa untuk membincangkan agenda politik...bahasa perantaraan yang digunakan dalam kongress tersebut ialah bahasa Jerman.... mereka sedar bahawa organisasi politik perlu dibentuk untuk mencari negara baru... kongress sebulat suara mengundi Herzl sebagai Presiden organisasi.. mereka mula menetapkn tarikh akhir, menetapkan corak bendera, dan bersetuju membuat perjumpaan setahun sekali.... pada pejumpaan pertama tersebut, Herzl telah berucap dgn mengatakan “
Jika kamu semua berkehendak, maka ia bukan lagi fantasi”.........

Kongres Zionis Pertama

Hasrat Herzl menubuhkan negara Yahudi iaitu Israel didorong oleh arahan dari pemimpinnya dalam pergerakn Illuminati.. .cara Herzl bekerja adalah luar biasa... dia tidak lagi menghiraukan akan kerjayanya dan keluarganya, malah yang lebih aneh ialah ia tidak perlu mencari sumber kewangan untuk bergerak ke serata dunia...dari mana dia mendapatkan semua kos pengangkutannya ke sana ke mari itu?...

Tidak lain adalah dari jutawan2 yang juga ahli Illuminati.. . jutawan2 ni telah diarahkan untuk membantu Herzl dari sumber kewangan sebagai jalan memudahkan kerja2 Herzl....jutawan2 ini juga berbangsa Yahudi atau dikenali sebagai financiers.. ... Siapakah financiers tersebut? nantikan...

Awas Pengguna Facebook!

Ia telah diasaskan oleh CIA. Mereka menggunakan fb sebagai alat untuk mengumpul maklumat, dengan adanya sistem fb ini, mereka dapat mengumpul maklumat terperinci dengan mudah sekali terutama melalui application relatives dan lain-lain. Jadi anda pengguna fb, pastikan anda tidak meletakkan maklumat yg betul. CIA adalah skuad kanan Illuminati.

Sekian terima kasih.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Yep.Today is the first day of lecture.
I really don't know what to say.
I'm still homesick.I still miss home.
I hate staying in UiTM.
But guess what?
My target for this sem is 4.0.
I will reach it,even if I got a repeat subject.
Maybe I'm not gonna be in debate tournament this sem,
but I will hang out and debate when I have the opportunity
I want to adjust some stuff and adapt with the subjects,
I must survive this semester.My life depends on it,
As on the 6th June,I want to have  my perfect life..
I mean,the freedom and all.
Enough for the trouble and heartache that I caused in 2010,
starting from scratch is hard,but believe me..
It's nothing to compare to what I've been through.
Thanks 2010,
You give me the chance to feel life the way it is,
I enjoyed the moment that I had,
things I never did as a teenager due to my parents policy,
and glad that it didn't last,
Coz I know somehow it affects my study 
I'll wait for someone who is worth and appreciates me
more that I can give and take.
He'll be around.I just need to find him,
but that's not my main priority,
My aim is for study.
And when the time comes,
I will settle down with that special romantic partner.
be good to me,
Like I always look forward to meet you.