Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If we could just confess what goes to into
your mind,
you could not lie to your heart,
but sometimes rather yet the truth hurts,
and you know what lies ahead,
You couldn't bear to see it,
feel it,hear it,visualize it,picture it,
So in my situation,I'm just to scared to
picture the truth of something
I'm sure,it is for real and I never regret it,
It's the best thing ever happened to me,
yet it hurts so much,
Can you relate how duality affects me?
I wanted to do it,yet I was refraning myself
and it was me,myself playing the role..
whether to do it,or not to do anything about it,
Have you been loving or hating yourself at the same
Well,if you have..
You are in my position right now.
Set it up in chur mind!
I'm just a very confusing personality indeed,
to those around me,
I always said that over and over again!
Chey.haha.I don't know how to describe how
I behave,coz I have the ability to change mood
and anything about myself the wind.
And right now,my heart is..kinda messed up.
I just hope that he's the one can understand
and cope up with the intricate facts and
behavior about me.
Not all people stand a gemini,
They will get so f*cked up,that they will
think..who am I?which real is for real?
Think again readers.
We have many sided,but only those are close to me
really knows who,how and why I behave in such a way.
Now wish me luck to clear up my mind.
It kinda too
"full" right now..hee~~=DDD

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Intro to duality?

I wish I could tell people the things I wrote
in the internet and my blogs are my real feelings,
Sometimes,my dear..
I wish I could tell those words to the person that I refer to..
For me,I'm a human puzzle,a very confusing personality,
an entity,a symbol of dualism,a human with a lot of personalities,
and I can change it in a very,very fast way..
If overwhelm,I would do things that could harm me in the first place
and regret about it later,
I'm just a very complicated personality,
I don't really like people seeing me too good,nor too bad..
I rather look bad so that people can't see my vulnerable side,
people always like to prejudge what I do,
misunderstand and misinterpreting the things I do,or say..
I really want to be a symbol or something to people who have a complicated
personality like me,I'm just too hard to be understand by certain people,
and sometimes,we don't have any chemistry at all,
they were never meant to be my friends at the first place,
and they're people who doesn't realize that their idiosyncrasy is just
a simple thing to be interpret.
I want to make a change,I want people to respect me as the way i am,
I'm a diplomatic person but if the person did something that I can't longer accept,
he/she will be a stranger to me..or as if I never ever meet him in this life,
I could fake a smile,I could pretend to be okay,
I could forgive and learn to forget,I accept the worst thing could happen
with the support of people and friends around me,
I found that I'm feeling okay,if I talk a lot to people and hear their perceptive,
easier for me to make a conclusion,and think deeply,
I don't want to be something in my past,I want to move forward towards
the light,where half of myself lies..
I'm just a very contradicting person in my own thoughts and feelings,
I like to think how,why and what happened even if I know I'm following my
instinct and conscience,I still do..
one word:Intricate!!!Argh..=DD

and I wonder how many people like me in this earth??I really wanna meet them,
see myself in a human mirror..and then I can judge myself.

What a deep and personal thoughts right?
but this is me,I'm complicated.=DD

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As we define flirting is only for bitches and whores..
but it is not that actually.
We can always tease2 and flirt with our friends.I find it is not wrong
to flirt with them..and it also depends whether they would like to
entertain us with such emmm..amusing words that could make you daydreaming
with them..ahaha.
I find it pretty nice to do harmless flirting,and teasing with some
words that could bloom an acquittance.
So,Flirting is good actually,as long as it does not harm to any party

Friday, September 17, 2010

Intro to this blog..

Freedom of Speech?
why it's so pinkish?
Even if I'm a hater of
the colour pink..
I still use it coz it looks nice.ha.
I'll redesign this blog and talk various of stuff
and this time no restriction of word and
expression.Deal or just the GTFO.